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Wooden Alphabet Letters

Our fun chunky wooden alphabet letters are one of our favorites here at Jack and Link.  There are so many open ended learning opportunities with these wooden alphabet letters. Here are some fun ideas:
  • Leave little "love notes" around the house for your little one and they'll soon build up their sight word vocabulary without even knowing it.
  • Do fun challenges with your little one to see who can come up with the most words.
  • Use them in conjunction with other manipulatives.
  • Have your little one match the wooden alphabet letters with an object that starts with the letter.
  • Stack our wooden alphabet letters! Have your preschoolers or kindergartners stack the letters in alphabetical order starting with the last letter of the alphabet to build a pyramid.
  • Save them! Save our beautiful wooden alphabet letters for the next generation of letter and word learners. 

Each Letter Size: appx 6cm x 5cm

Wooden Alphabet Letters