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About Us

It begins with the arrival of my baby son and my biggest inspiration – my parents.

Composting veggie scarps in house plant, growing spring onion cuttings, saving leftover coffee grounds as a fridge freshener, recycling used clothes to cut them into pieces as cloth wipes… I am amazed by my parents that they are living a sustainable life for decades but I didn’t realize.

My mom has been making clay flowers more than twenty five years, and she is still happy to make and show her grandson the newly made tulips. My dad loves chinese tea, he would go to different tea houses to look for the Pu’re cake he wants, come back and share the whole story with me before I can take a sip. They are passionate about what they do and they are happy to spend time with it.

While I consider they are old fashioned, they are naturally living the lifestyle I desired.

I decided to open this small online store to curate things that are beautifully made, friendly to ourselves and the earth. I hope that we could create a community to share thoughts about sustainable life and pursue to live a little.